ASAP also means
Artisan Sustainable Assistance Partnerships

Another aspect of the ASAP Artisan Sustainable Assistance Partnerships
when local government is involved in facilitating a project, or is the benefit recipient.

The Producer Group brokers the assistance and provides staff and office infrastructure.

The Producer Group coordinates with state, municipal, or village governmental agencies
in order to channel benefits and structural improvement to the communities of Producers.

A Producer Group sponsors international assistance for local public works projects.

Artcamp sponsored the donation of ophthalmic equipment to Adolfo Prieto Hospital

The advantage is: there is NO NGO overhead for such Social Project benefit projects.

The Producer Group provides staff time, communications costs etc. out of its Cash Flow

This means that whatever donation goes *one-hundred-percent* into the designated project.

The Contadoras Campesinas accountant-trainees keep the books and publish reports on the Internet.

The degree of transparency is such that many persons are encouraged to contribute time and resources.
Taxco Hospital

Tecalpulco Water

Contadoras Campesinas
scholarships for rural women accountants
to keep the books of Producer Group-sponsored
private-public social welfare projects

Artcamp's 2004 Museum of Technology Awards Submission