Camioncito Flecha Roja Little Red Arrow

* composicion: Raful Krayem (1909-1939)

* musica: Cuerdas de Plata Taxco de Alarcon, Guerero, Mexico

you are welcome to hear this beautiful song
This song was a hit in Mexico in the 1930s on the first radio stations. Camioncito Flecha Roja was composed in Taxco
at a time when there was one bus a day connecting Taxco
to Mexico City and to Acapulco. The song laments a bad
effect of the new technology and it's impact on one's love life.
Flecha Roja = Red Arrow; it is the name of the bus line;
still today, in this part of Mexco, buses are called "Flechas".

Camioncito Flecha Roja
Little Red Arrow Bus

no te lleves a mi amor,
don't take away my love,

mira como me dejas
look how you leave me

hecho pedazos el corazón.
made into pieces my heart

Ya sonó la campanada
Already the bell has sounded

hecha a andar ese motor,
that motor has turned on

revisa bien esos frenos,
check well those brakes,

también tu acelerador.
also your accelerator.

Ay, chofercito malora
Ay, wicked little driver

cuida mucho ese camión,
take much care of that bus,

no sea que vaya a estrellarse
it can't be that you will go and crash

y ahí muera mi ilusión.
and there dies my illusion.

Camioncito Flecha Roja
Little Red Arrow Bus

no te vayas por el sol,
don't you go in the sun,

vete por toda la orilla
you go all along the edge

de ese rió murmurador.
of that murmuring river.

Una tristeza muy grande
A great sadness

envuelve a mi corazón,
envelopes my heart

no se si cuando estés lejos
I don't know if when you are away

tu te olvides de mi amor.
you forget about my love.

Ya nomás la polvadera
Already only the dust

le veo a ese camión.
I see of that bus.

Camioncito Flecha Roja
Little Red Arrow Bus

vuelve pronto con mi amor.
return soon with my love.

No se te olvide, amorcito,
Do not forget, little love

que me dejas en la estación;
that you leave me in the station;

regresa pronto a mis brazos
return soon to my arms

a calmar este dolor.
to calm this pain.