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Mount Atachi view
Santa Prisca view from the
Guadalupe Chapel
The Parish Church of Santa Prisca (1751-1758)
Santa Prisca detail of the main portal
Calle del Arco
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Street of the former Monastery
of San Bernardino
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Holy Week Procession
Holy Week Procession,
Jesus of Nazareth
Holy Week Procession,
The penitents

The beautiful baroque churrigueresca interior of the Santa Prisca,
one of the last great
classical churches.


A drawing by a tourist
standing in la Panoramica Barrio
looking down
at the Santa Prisca Church
300 meters below

Taxco Market


Text and Photographs
by Esteban A. de Varona

Translated from the original in Spanish by
Leonard Cooper edited by GG in November 2001
First impression, November, 1953

HIDDEN in the fold of a high mountain range
of northern Guerrero,
and as if nailed to its rugged landscape
~ in which much more sky than earth appears ~
there is a laughing, shining town whose square white houses are heaped together
in the most picturesque and surprising untidiness.

The laughing, shining town of Taxco is the artistic capital of the State of Guerrero
and possibly the oldest mining center in Spanish America. Taxco contemplates an indescribable panorama of mountains which look like the green waves of a choppy sea.


Taxco (tas-co) is in the state of Guerrero;
Population: 150,000
Altitude: 1,780 meters (5850 feet)
164 km. (111 mi.) southwest of Mexico City
50 miles south of Cuernavaca

Tropical highlands, mountainous;
always pleasant, cool at night.
Taxco's temperatures are normally comfortable year-round, The town's inland location and altitude keeps the humidity low and rains during the summer typically are only afternoon showers.
summary of average monthly temperatures
and precipitation in Taxco

High in the hills of the southern Sierra Madre sits a town that strikes most visitors as the perfect picture of Mexican charm
The town is Taxco, perched peacefully
on an otherwise precarious hillside
from which its red tile and white stucco houses, and pink geranium gardens, seem to tumble into the lush mountain greenery.